san jose 2019



START & FINISH: Centro Comercial la Ribera de Belen 

The two routes start at the shopping center La Ribera de Belén in the direction of Ojo de Agua, when they reach Barrio Fátima they turn right and go up to the Firestone, turn right and run parallel to the track, turn again to the right and then on the left, go to the old aqua mania and turn right until you reach Charlies bar (this is located 400mts west of the old aquamania), where they turn right again, and then left , they go down the whole street that goes to the center of the center and once they pass the football field they turn right 100mts and then to the left, they pass in front of Palí, they follow the crossing of Pollos del Monte, they turn to the right and in the First crossing turn left.


The route of the 10k closes at the La Ribera Shopping Center and the 21kms continue towards OJO de AGUA, at the first entrance turn left and continue straight on Calle la Cañada until you hit a fence and turn left until you come to a close New and turn right and then to the left passing in front of the San Rafael de Alajuela High School, in the corner turn left to go up that street until La Panasonic, continue and pass in front of Pollos del Monte and in the corner of the San Antonio de Belén Football court, turn left and close as the 10kms to complete a total of 21km.